'-- simple replacement cipher vbscript sample - davemoats.com
'-- This sample is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty.
'-- In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from
'-- the use of this sample code.
'-- algorithm for the simple cipher originated from
'-- http://www.dickinson.edu/~braught/courses/cs131s99/Labs/Lab10.html
option explicit

' define the variables required
dim cipherArray(27)
dim characterArray(27)
dim strTest

' load the arrays used to provide the simple replacement cipher
initializeArrays cipherArray, characterArray

' prompt the user for a string to encrypt
strTest = inputbox( "Please enter a string to run through the replacement cipher" , "Simple Replacement Cipher" )

if strTest = "" then

     wscript.echo "You must enter a string!"

end if

wscript.echo "You entered - " & strTest

' calling the crypt function to    perform the cipher replacement
strTest = crypt( strTest, characterArray, cipherArray )

wscript.echo "After the replacement cipher - " & strTest

' calling the crypt function to reverse the cipher
strTest = crypt( strTest, cipherArray, characterArray )

wscript.echo "Back to normal - " & strTest

'function to perform the cipher
function crypt( strInput, SourceArray, ConversionArray )

     dim strOut
     dim cCheck
     dim i
     dim j
     dim bFoundIt

     strOut = ""
     cCheck = ""
     i = 1      j = 1
     ' loop through the string looking at each character
     for i=1 to len( strInput )

            'get the character we want
            cCheck = mid( strInput, i, 1 )

            bFoundIt = "FALSE"

            'find the corresponding letter
            for j=1 to ubound( SourceArray )

                 if cCheck = SourceArray(j) then

                        strOut = strOut + ConversionArray(j)
                        bFoundIt = "TRUE"
                        exit for

                 end if


            ' unable to find the entered character so add it to the out put
            if bFoundIt = "FALSE" then

                    strOut = strOut + cCheck

            end if


     ' returning the ciphered value
     crypt = strOut

end function

' initialize the arrays used to perform cipher
sub initializeArrays( cipherArray, characterArray )

     cipherArray(1) = "s"
     cipherArray(2) = "c"
     cipherArray(3) = "h"
     cipherArray(4) = "n"
     cipherArray(5) = "i"
     cipherArray(6) = "t"
     cipherArray(7) = "z"
     cipherArray(8) = "e"
     cipherArray(9) = "l"
     cipherArray(10) = "m"
     cipherArray(11) = "o"
     cipherArray(12) = "p"
     cipherArray(13) = "q"
     cipherArray(14) = "r"
     cipherArray(15) = "u"
     cipherArray(16) = "v"
     cipherArray(17) = "w"
     cipherArray(18) = "x"
     cipherArray(19) = "y"
     cipherArray(20) = "a"
     cipherArray(21) = "b"
     cipherArray(22) = "d"
     cipherArray(23) = "f"
     cipherArray(24) = "g"
     cipherArray(25) = "j"
     cipherArray(26) = "k"

     characterArray(1)= "a"
     characterArray(2)= "b"
     characterArray(3)= "c"
     characterArray(4)= "d"
     characterArray(5)= "e"
     characterArray(6)= "f"
     characterArray(7)= "g"
     characterArray(8)= "h"
     characterArray(9)= "i"
     characterArray(10)= "j"
     characterArray(11)= "k"
     characterArray(12)= "l"
     characterArray(13)= "m"
     characterArray(14)= "n"
     characterArray(15)= "o"
     characterArray(16)= "p"
     characterArray(17)= "q"
     characterArray(18)= "r"
     characterArray(19)= "s"
     characterArray(20)= "t"
     characterArray(21)= "u"
     characterArray(22)= "v"
     characterArray(23)= "w"
     characterArray(24)= "x"
     characterArray(25)= "y"
     characterArray(26)= "z"

end sub

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